Arcodoro Champions Italian Relief Efforts in Houston

On August 24th, Central Italy, experienced a devastating earthquake. Many of our friends and family, especially in the wine business, have been affected by this disaster. In an effort to show our support Efisio has created a Pizza Incanto.

Arcodoro will be donating $5 to the relief and recovery efforts specified by the Red Cross and Italian sanctioned funds of every pizza served throughout September. Pizza Incanto Salami, Porcini Mushrooms, Sundried Tomatoes, Split Peas and Pecorino (all indigenous ingredients of Central Italy)


Bring the magic of the finest Sardinian cuisine to your home, office, or next private event. Arcodoro’s traditional food will quickly transport you and your guests to Italy, leaving a lasting impression for your special events.

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Entertain Family and Friends

Both of our Arcodoro locations can accommodate you and your party in a variety of elegant settings. In true Italian fashion, we will design a food experience that will be unique and memorable and coordinate a truly seamless event with our award winning wine list and signature cocktails.

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For Your Home and Pantry

Bring Sardinia into your home with Efisio’s award winning cookbook “Sweet Myrtle & Bitter Honey, olive oils, pasta, sauces, honey & bottarga from the rustic, timeless and sundrenched island of Sardinia.

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Blue Zone Menu

Arcodoro Ristorante’s new Eat Local menu is brimming with the fresh taste of the season. The Sardinian restaurant adheres to its ancestral tradition of eating local. As Sardinia is one of five zones in the world identified as “Blue Zones” – where people are said to live the longest. A key finding of studies of the Blue Zones is that inhabitants all eat locally and seasonally.

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Late Nite

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Discover Sardinian Cuisine... A Celebration of Traditional Foods & Tastes