History of Arcodoro

In 1988, Efisio and Lori Farris opened their first restaurant, Pomodoro, in Dallas, Texas. Over the course of 20 plus years they have continued to open new entities and introduce clientele to the intricacies of the Italian kitchen. Efisio, a native Sardinian, Wanted to focus on the rustic traditional cuisine of his timeless island of Sardinia.

Arcodoro Pomodoro Dallas and Arcodoro Houston are recognized for their authenticity and uniqueness. Many articles have been written by journalists around the world focusing on Efisio’s strict adherence and respect paid to the traditional cuisine of Sardinia while infusing the cuisine with new ideas and ingredients. This combination of reverence for the old and making it new led to Gourmet Sardinia, a private line of must have pantry ingredients, all imported from Sardinia.
arcodoro & pomodoro
Efisio has been promoting Sardinian cuisine in the United States for over 20 years and knows firsthand the products available and those that are missing from the US market. He has identified the signature Sardinian products indigenous to his home island that are not to be found here. Through his promotion of Sardinian cuisine, he has found and helped to create a need for these products and an initial market with other chefs, food writers and high end epicurean markets. Through his travels back to his home, Efisio developed relationships with key artisinal producers and then developed joint ventures with these manufacturers of authentic Sardinian goods to make a line of products with the private label Gourmet Sardinia that will temp the American palate. He has introduced a line of Five Signature Family Wines including: Efix, a Prosecco, Serenu and Lughente, both DOCG Vermentino white wines and Fidatu and Terre Saliosa, red wines with a blend of indigenous Sardinian grapes that have won the gold and silver medal respectively at the 2009 HLSR International wine competition.

In 2007 Efisio wrote the award winning cookbook Sweet Myrtle & Bitter Honey published by Rizzoli. In this book, Efisio takes you o an intimate tour of his homeland, sharing recipes, stories and techniques from his family’s table. It tells the history of this enchanting island through remembrances from the chef’s childhood.

Efisio invites you to celebrate Sardinia in the casual elegance of his restaurants in Dallas and Houston or in the comfort of your own home… Buon Appetito!